News League Grand Finals 2015 to return to Warsaw!

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The World of Tanks Grand Finals are back! The ever-growing League is fast approaching its conclusion, and as such it has finally been announced that this year’s Grand Finals will yet again be played out in Poland’s capital of Warsaw from April the 25th to the 26th.

Twelve of the best teams in the world will travel to Warsaw and compete for the title of World Champion. This prestigious achievement is currently held by Natus Vincere, who managed to win last year’s Grand Finals against EU team in a thrilling nine-map battle.

In addition to the most successful teams from every region around the globe, two lucky wild card squads will round out the number of participating teams.

The invites to the grand finals will be distributed as follows:
  • Two teams representing Asia and Pacific (APAC, the KR and Asia servers)
  • Two teams representing the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS server)
  • Two teams representing Europe (EU server)
  • Two teams representing North America (NA server)
  • Two teams representing China (CN server)
  • Two teams selected as Wild Cards (WC), who will be selected for their outstanding performances and/or other qualities

This year, the event venue will shift to the modern and multifunctional EXPO XXI center. The large facility offers massive amounts of space as well as the perfect tech setup for the main stage, making for a truly memorable viewing experience both live at the tournament as well as on stream. Currently, English and Russian are the two confirmed streaming languages, but stay tuned for more info regarding potential additional language support.

World of Tanks has recently implemented a new and improved esports tournament format in order to enhance the viewing experience. The focus lies on ensuring non-stop action with as little dead time as possible. A seven minute time limit per round and two capture points will ensure dynamic and tactical play from both the attacking and defending teams, who will face off in a 7v7 scenario.

For those of you planning to watch the Grand Finals live or on stream, your in-game bonuses and achievements will grant you extra chances at scoring some sweet World of Tanks swag. At the moment the rewards are still secret, but both online and offline attendees will get the chance to secure themselves some great goodies. will be releasing more detailed information in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay updated by following @WG_eSports_EU and @wgleu.