WCS Group B: jjakji, two Zergs and an underdog

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The second group of WCS Europe is one of only two groups to have two Zergs instead of two Protoss players. Both, Nerchio as well as LiveZerg, are 21 years old and hail from Eastern Europe. While Nerchio is an experienced WCS participant, who even attended the playoffs in season 3, LiveZerg will debut in the Premier League.

The second debutant is jjakji, although his premiere is just locally. In 2011, he was the youngest player ever to win a GSL event and continued to deliver impressive results before switching from Korea to Europe for 2014. Last but not least there is Germany's young Protoss ShoWTimE, who jjakji should beware of especially. In 2013's final season, ShoWTimE managed to beat MVP not once, but twice and sealed the early fate for Europe's Season 1 champion.

ESL TV's James 'Kaelaris' Carrol and Shaun 'Apollo' Clark are going to commentate all matches of Premier League's Round of 32 for you free in ad-supported 720p HD. 32 players - divided into eight groups with four players each - are trying to advance to the next round of Premier League. All matches of this round will be played online and can be seen on ESL TV every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from February 18th until March 6th.

  • Group B of Premier League Ro32 on Thursday, Feb 20th
    1. 18:00 CET Artur 'Nerchio' Bloch vs. Tobias 'ShoWTimE' Sieber
    2. 19:00 CET Jung 'jjakji' Ji Hoon vs. Andrey 'LiveZerg' Guldyashov
    3. 20:00 CET Winners of initial matches
      Winner qualifies for Premier League Ro16
    4. 21:00 CET Losers of initial matches
      Loser drops to next season's Challenger League
    5. 22:00 CET Loser of match #3 vs. winner of match #4
      Winner qualifies for Premier League Ro16
      Loser drops to next season's Challenger League

For WCS's Round of 32, Dual Tournament Format will be used, where you need two wins to advance or you will drop after two losses. Each group will feature five matches played in best of three.

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