Terms of Use:

With the Electronic Sports League ("ESL") and the Consoles Sport League ("Consoles") the company Turtle Entertainment ("TE") provides a ranking system on the internet. The utilisation of the ESL and Consoles website by registered users is subject to the following terms of use:

1. The contents of the website and the ranking system are subject to modifications and amendments by TE.

2. Availability
a.TE is anxious to ensure maximum availability of the complete ESL and Consoles website.
b.TE ensures a 97% availability of all services liable for costs.
c.In order to ensure a rapid calculation of the ranking system, the access to the website is blocked for approximately 1,5 hours each day from 6:00 a.m. onwards. The rules concerning the availability of services do not apply for this timeframe.

3. TE renders no further services other than the ranking system and any additional services on the website.

4.The participants are obliged to use only original games.

5. The user is obliged to abide by the rules established by the ESL and Consoles. A breaching of these rules can lead to the imposition of the sanctions in Rule 7 et segg (http://www.esl-europe.net/eu/rules/#rule_66), which may even lead to an exclusion from the ESL and Consoles. Should this be the case, the user has no right of any kind of refunds.

6. The user is obligated to enter truthful information to the best of his/her knowledge concerning the registry and utilisation of the proposition.

7. TE takes no responsibility for the correctness of any personal statements made by the users on the page.

8.  The exploitation rights for league games carried out within the ESL or Consoles lie with TE. This includes the rights on demos and/or replays of league games as well as the right to broadcast the games on TV, on the radio or via audio- or video stream on the internet. TE also has the right to record the broadcasted games. Demos and replays are files that can be created by the game’s software in order to record the process of the game which can then be reviewed at a later date.

9. Player- and game-accounts are not transferable. This especially applies to any form of trading on ebay or similar pages.

10. Solely the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies.

11. Should one or more clauses of the terms of utilisation be void, this does not affect the validity of the other clauses. The void clause would be replaced by a clause which meets the expectations of the parties involved.

Terms of data protection:

Use of personal data

TE stores personal data which result from the registration ("Stock Data") and the use of the ESL and Consoles ("Transaction Data") on its computer systems. Stock data also includes data that the user may communicate with TE outside the ESL and Consoles website, provided that this data is necessary for transactions or offers within the ESL. Apart from the data which results from the participation in the league and the team allocation ("League Data") the transaction data also includes information the user gives TE when taking part in additional activities, surveys, advertising efforts or market research. ("Market Research Data"). In order to prevent any form of malpractice, the user's IP addresses are stored.

The saving of Stock- and Transaction Data has the purpose of making the execution of the ESL and Consoles and the further development of services possible. It also serves the purpose of providing useful market analysis and product information for TE. No data is assigned to a third party.

The user herewith agrees to the storage, processing and transmission of his/her Stock and Transaction Data as well as his/her IP address for the reasons mentioned above. This declaration of consent or partitions thereof may be revoked at any time.

Limited tracking data may be shared with third-parties.